Our Sustainability Promise

Honoring Nature, Nurturing Wellbeing

Our Promise

At Motts Sauna, we believe in fostering a deep connection with nature while minimizing our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond a trendy phrase; it’s woven into the very fabric of our wild sauna experience.

Here are some key ways we strive to be a responsible and environmentally conscious company:

Respectful Land Practices

We operate on a foundation of respect for the natural environment. We work closely with landowners to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding ecosystem and actively participate in local conservation efforts.

Energy Efficiency

Our saunas are designed and constructed with energy efficiency in mind. We utilize sustainable heating methods whenever possible and continuously explore ways to further reduce our energy consumption.

Minimal Waste

We are committed to minimizing waste generation at all levels. We use biodegradable products whenever possible and practice responsible recycling and waste disposal.

Spreading Awareness

We believe in educating our guests about the importance of environmental sustainability. We share information about local conservation efforts and encourage eco-friendly practices during your visit.

By making these commitments, Motts Sauna aims to create a truly transformative experience for our guests while safeguarding the natural beauty that allows us to offer this unique wellness experience. We believe that well-being starts with a healthy planet, and we are dedicated to playing our part in ensuring a sustainable future.

Birch tree in spring
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Terms & conditions


Use of the sauna is done so at your own risk. We ask that you contact your GP if at all in doubt about safely using the sauna.

If any of the below apply to you (please note, this is not a comprehensive list) we advise you to seek your GP’s advice: –

  • If you’re pregnant

  • If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke

  • If you’re taking any medications

  • If you have cardiovascular conditions and/or problems

  • You have epilepsy

  • You have asthma or breathing conditions

  • High or low blood pressure

  • If you have arterial disease

  • If you have joint or muscle injury

The sauna is wood-fired and is extremely hot. Do not touch the stove, stove door, flu chimney, sauna rocks, or surrounding fire guards, and only as instructed to pour water onto the stones.

When pouring water on the rocks, start from the point furthest away from you to prevent scalding

Children of 16 years and under are not permitted to use the sauna

Alcohol and smoking are not permitted in or around the sauna.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to intoxicated persons.​

Any hanging jewellery should be removed before entering the sauna to prevent burning.

Sauna etiquette must be adhered to at all times. This includes: –

Entering and exiting the sauna with care.

Removing shoes before entering.

Sitting on a towel at all times.

Staying in the sauna for no longer than 20 min at a time (we recommend 5-15 min sessions)

Do not use essential oils in the sauna without permission.

Only swimwear may be worn in the sauna.

Nudity is not permitted.

If you are making a booking on behalf of a group, it is your responsibility to make all users aware of the terms and conditions and to practice safe sauna use, as well as making others aware of what to bring and other useful information.

We reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason that may be deemed a health and safety risk. Refunds will not be offered to anyone refused admission.